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Hypnotherapy Melbourne - Mind Phenomenon have expert and skillful team of hypnotherapist who can guide in developing programs on pain management that can help you in improving performance in day-to-day life


Mind Phenomenon, Qualified Hypnotherapist Clinic in Melbourne offers course of treatment that can heal a past traumatic event and also fight against stress, fatigue, pain, addiction and many more


Mind Phenomenon offers programs on Clinical Hypnotherapy and other techniques on relaxation with hypo analysis and visualization, which are 100% beneficial with excellent response



Mind Phenomenon provides weight control program utilizing the techniques of Virtual Gastric Band for four weeks with one hour session that are designed to bring permanent change in eating habits


We provides some usefully hypnotherapy to Stop Smoking in Melbourne area. Find useful benefits of quitting smoking and various means of relaxation techniques, also we teach deep relaxation, breathing techniques, guided imagery, and self-hypnosis with hypnotherapy

Stop smoking Melbourne

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Hypnotherapy Melbourne

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Hypnotherapy Melbourne

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